BruteNet Alpha 1.1.0 (WinNT) rus:

:What is it? 

BruteNet is a system of the distributed calculations and distributed brute force operated by the 
program-server (server), which allows to lead the partition between the users' machines which have 
the client-program (bot) installed. The main goal of this version is the opportunity of distributing
the line ranges between clients and the subsequent processing by a server of the results of the 
partition depending on the chosen plugin. BruteNet is the flexible tool due to an opportunity to use 
user extensions (plugins) in dynamic libraries.

:How will it look like? 

Both client and server parts of the system are console applications, the key parameters of startup 
are transferred via command line. However the server part gives an opportunity of managing the 
current partition task via web-interface which allows to observe the brief statistics of the 
partition in a realtime mode by means of any web-browser.

:Functional capabilities 

The resolvability of a certain partition task is equivalent to an opportunity of writing the 
necessary extension both for server and for client parts. The kernel of a server part of the system 
cares about the distribution of partition ranges, the maintenance of communication with the client 
part, and also the redistribution of ranges without losses, for instance upon the unexpected 
disconnection of one of the clients itself.

:How to use extensions? 

The document about creating extensions for BruteNet will be ready quite soon. Currently the 
Pre-Alpha version has ready plugins for client and server parts intended to restore the line based 
on its md5-hash. For example use string "md5" at name of plugin.

 ~User interface
 ~Fixed some bugs
 ~Selfconnecting bots!

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